Sunday, July 29, 2012

I think I'm love....

With a brush set. Sad, isn't it? Well, not so sad when you realize which brush set it is- the Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit from Sigma. THESE BRUSHES ARE FRICKING AMAZING, GUYS. I'll be telling you what I like about each brush, and what I don't like (there won't be much in that category- ha!). P.S: That bit will be at the end of this post, so if you don't want to see pictures, just skip past 'em.

The wonderful case they come in :D

So before we get down to the nitty gritty, I'll just give you some background about this set- all of these brushes are 100% vegan, hence the "Mrs. Bunny" name. There's also a companion set to this, the Mr. Bunny- the only difference between the two is that the Mr. Bunny has black handles and silver ferrules.  All of these brushes are synthetic, and are made with Sigma's Sigmax fibers. The Sigmax fibers are what Sigma's F80 and all of their Precision brushes are made out of. Synthetic fibers are better for using with cream and liquid products than their natural haired counterparts because they don't absorb as much product into the bristles. Ok, now let's get down to the nitty gritty!

F50- Duo Fiber: Lots of people enjoy stippling on their foundation with this brush, and like the airbrushed finish it gives. Since I don't use liquid foundation, I can't comment on this. However, I do like this brush for applying blush, and if I used bronzer I could see myself using this for that, too. 

F30- Large Powder: Probably my favorite of the set. This is the SOFTEST thing you will EVER put on your face- I want to put my makeup on 10 times a day just so I can use this brush. It's that amazing. I use it for powder and my foundation, and it works extremely well. I wish I could use it for everything, from eyeshadow to blush, but sadly, it's too big. :( I tried to use it for blush, and the blush got everywhere. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.
Comparison between the F30 and my e.l.f. complexion brush

F40- Large Angled Contour: I love using this brush for contouring. It fits perfectly under the cheek bone, and the angled shape helps to get product right where you want it. This one is almost as soft as the large powder- almost. 

F60- Foundation: I don't use this one much, but I do like it to apply primer to my face, and for sweeping away fallout under my eyes. 

F70- Concealer: I like this brush for concealing my acne on my face, but not so much under my eyes- I feel like it's too small for there, and would take too long to put concealer on. I can also see myself using this as an eyeshadow brush.

E40- Tapered Blending: I looove this brush for defining the crease. It's super fluffy and soft and just great. It's also great for blending (obviously).

E60- Large Shader: I feel like this is a really big brush for putting eyeshadow on. It just seems really big on my eye, however, I love to put my eye primer on with it. When I put my primer on with my fingers I feel like I'm taking some of it off by rubbing it around, but by putting it on with a brush I feel like the primer stays where it's supposed to be. 

E70- Medium Angled Shading: This brush isn't one of my favorites from this kit. I do like it for highlighting the brow bone and inner corner, but I feel like I can't really do much else with it. I want to try it for creasework, I think the angled shape will make it fit very well into the crease.

E55- Eye Shading: This brush is FAB. It's incredibly dense, but still super soft and packs color on like a dream. If you want multiples of this brush, or want something like this, check out e.l.f.'s Eyeshadow "C" brush. They're almost exactly alike. 

E65- Small Angle: This brush is soo tiny!! It's crazy. Compared to my Laura Mercier, it's minuscule. I think that will work to its advantage though, it seems like it will be able to create a very precise line when used with gel or cake eyeliner. I also think this is good for smudging pencil eyeliner.

E30- Pencil: Another one of my favorites, this brush is unbelievably dense. It comes to a very tight point. I love to define my crease first with this, then blend it out with the E40. They're like a super duo! 

E05- Eyeliner: This one is like the baby of the pencil brush. They have almost the same shape, but this one is sooo tiny! I tried to use it to apply liquid eyeliner the other day, that did NOT turn out well... The container my liquid eyeliner is stored in was not intended to have other things stuck in it. I do think this will work extremely well with other eyeliners in different containers, hahah. :P

Comparison of the E05 and the E30

Comparison of the E65 and my Laura Mercier angled brow brush

The writing is engraved onto the handles- it's also holographic

These brushes are unbelievable. They are all soooooooo soft, and I've experienced ZERO shedding with them. They did not bleed when I washed them, either. They are an investment, though- the set costs $109. :O I know, right? But remember that you are getting 12 top notch brushes, and a case to store all your brushes in. When you divide it, each brush is $8.38 (I counted the case as a "brush"). So that's really not bad, especially when you consider how expensive M.A.C. brushes are. Also, there's not a brush in here that I haven't found some use for.
Bottom Line:
If you don't have very many brushes yet, or just want a complete kit of high quality brushes, GET THIS SET!!! I swear you won't regret it. Claps for Sigma for designing an amazing brush set!!!

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