Saturday, July 14, 2012

e.l.f. is on Hautelook today!

Hi! This is just to let you guys know, if you're interested, that e.l.f. is on Hautelook today. Hautelook is a site where they have flash sales of tons of different brands- from kids' toys to makeup. You can click this: , which is a invite link from me, to join Hautelook. Personally, I think e.l.f. being on Hautelook is a little ridiculous, seeing as they're so cheap already, but they do have a few good things going, such as their 11 piece brush set, marked down to $19. Also, Orly is on right now, so it's taking all of my self control to not buy anything. XD Anyways, I hope you guys found my babbling helpful/interesting... I'll have some reviews up later today! 

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