Friday, July 20, 2012

bareMinerals Foundation Review & Swatching

Woah, I'm still alive! Sorry for the lack of posts this week guys, I don't really have an excuse... >.< Oh well. Anyways, today I have a foundation review for you- bareMinerals foundation, to be exact. I bought this in the bareMinerals customizable Get Started kit offered at Sephora. My shade is Fair. This foundation claims that "-98% said this foundation leaves skin soft, smooth, and younger looking, -90% saw improvements in their skin's appearance with continued use" and "-93% said this foundation makes skin look more radiant". That's a lot of claims, bareMinerals. Let's see how this foundation shapes up.



Okaay, so... All of those claims are pretty much BS, except for the "skin looking more radiant" bit. I've been using this foundation since December, and I haven't noticed any improvement in my skin's appearance. This is definitely NOT for people with medium to serious cases of acne, such as myself. You can clearly see several zits even after I put the foundation on. (Side note: I use the brushes that come with the kit to apply the foundation) Granted, they aren't as red and noticeable, but I want my foundation to completely cover up my zits. It also looks cakey when I put a moderate amount onto my zits, and makes them look very dry, even when I moisturized A TON before putting foundation on. The color suits my skintone perfectly, and blends easily too. 

Bottom Line:
If you don't have major imperfections, but minor little things, I think this foundation would be great for you. However, if you have acne or other noticeable imperfections, don't buy this foundation. It doesn't provide the coverage I would like, and I will not be repurchasing. 

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