Friday, June 29, 2012

NYX Butt Naked Palette Review & Swatching

Hey guys! Today I have the NYX Butt Naked Palette for you. This palette has 15 neutral eyeshadows, 4 blushes, 2 highlighters and a bronzer. It's a little bit larger than a CD case, and the packaging is very classy, even though it's a fingerprint magnet.

These shadows are all nicely pigmented, and the formulation is very good- they all blend and apply easily and are super soft. The shimmery and metallic shades are more creamy than the matte ones, but that's the case with most mattes. Some of these shadows are very nice- it has a couple of very nice highlights, along with some pretty browns that can be used a great crease colors. However, other shades can be found wanting, mainly the darker shades, like the purple-y color in the last row. I think that the shades in the last row are the worst in the palette- they just don't blend as easily, and color payoff isn't as good as the rest. I do think that the other eyeshadows outweigh the not so good ones. 

Wow! The blushes are all super pigmented! I looove these a lot, especially the one on the far right. They're all smooth and apply very nicely. The first one has been called a Nars Orgasm/Super Orgasm dupe. I can't comment on this, as I own neither of these blushes but from what I've seen this comparison seems to be accurate. I don't really like the glitter in the first one, but I'm not a fan of glittery/sparkly blushes in general. The bronzer is kind of crappy, and definitely not right for my skin tone. Sometimes I use it for contouring, but other than that it just sits in the pan. The formula isn't the greatest either, it applies a bit patchy. The highlighters are nice, but very glittery. I don't use highlighters very much, but from my experimentations with these, they seem to be nice enough.

Overall: In my opinion, this palette is definitely worth buying. Almost 100% of it has better than good pigmentation, a very pretty selection of colors and the formulas are all good (excluding the bronzer). I paid $15 for this on HauteLook, but you can find it at for $25. I don't think it's worth quite that much, so I'd wait for NYX to go on HauteLook unless you really want it. Across the board, an awesome neutral palette! 

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